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Baby Boomers Pass on Valuable Financial Lessons
October 21, 2021

As many of our Baby Boomer clients get ready to retire, some have shared valuable lessons that they have learned over the course of their careers and retirement planning. Hindsight is always 20/20, of course, and we endeavor to help clients course correct and remedy any mistakes that they might…

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Government Shutdowns and Failure to Raise the Debt Ceiling: Which One Impacts Us More?
October 17, 2021

We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard all the hoopla in the media: Congress is debating an increase in the debt ceiling, reminding us that a government shutdown could result from failing to take on more debts to cover the budget. For now, the crisis has been averted. On the evening…

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Be on Guard Against Coronavirus Scams
October 11, 2021

Falling victim to a scam is the last thing you need right now. Unfortunately, there will always be con artists who prey on innocent people during times of duress, so your best defense is to learn the signs of a scam and be on guard against them. Economic impact payment…

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In Your Sixties? Here are 5 Financial Moves to Consider
September 20, 2021

Like many people, you probably plan to retire at some point in your mid-sixties. So upon your 60’th birthday, it’s time to kick retirement planning into high gear! Those last years before retirement provide the perfect opportunity to refine your plans and make last-minute decisions that will greatly influence your…

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