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Your Retirement is Not Your Parents’ Retirement
April 19, 2021

Perhaps your parents made retirement planning look easy, but the future is looking quite different for new retirees. Numerous changes to our lifestyles, cost of living, and methods of planning all combine to make the future of retirement more challenging than it was for our parents. For one thing, there…

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How to Protect Yourself Against Tax Fraud
April 11, 2021

Con artists have been taking advantage of tax season for years, filing fraudulent returns, stealing refunds, and accessing personal information for other nefarious purposes. But now, with our greater dependence upon digital tax filing systems, we all must be on guard even more than ever. Take these steps to reduce…

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6 Surprises to Consider as You Prepare for Retirement
March 15, 2021

Retirement planning involves careful considerations of many different factors that may affect your life from both financial and personal perspectives. While these plans often seem to boil down to income and budget for many people, we wanted to inform you of a few things that often take retirees by surprise….

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Which States Tax Social Security Benefits?
March 8, 2021

Once you retire, you may expect that a number of things will change. Yes, this probably includes your finances and budget to some degree. But one thing probably won’t change: Depending upon how you structured your retirement income, you might still owe income taxes each year when you file your…

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