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Will You Run Out of Money in Retirement?
January 15, 2022

As we look forward to retirement, one of our primary concerns is whether or not we’ll run out of money. After all, for some lucky people retirement can last two decades or more! So, if you’re trying to assess whether your savings will last, consider the following factors. Have you…

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How To Avoid Taxes on Social Security Income
January 10, 2022

Retirement often does not look exactly as we had pictured. Sometimes there are happy surprises, and at other times retirees feel disappointed by some aspect of their decisions. When it comes to taxes on Social Security benefits, pretty much everyone would agree that is an unwelcome surprise. But there are…

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Credit Cards Aren’t Always a Bad Thing!
December 13, 2021

When it comes to financial advice, an unfair share of blame is often heaped upon credit cards. Yes, paying with plastic carries some temptation to overspend. And yes, those who get carried away often find themselves trapped in a cycle of mounting interest and endless payments. But credit cards aren’t…

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5 Questions to Ask Before Filing for Social Security
December 5, 2021

Some people can’t wait to retire. Others don’t have much choice, as illness, unemployment, or other circumstances force them to stop working. And still others feel tempted to go ahead and claim Social Security while they’re still working. But before you make any big (and usually permanent) decisions, ask yourself…

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