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Have You Addressed This Retirement Risk?
March 7, 2022

It’s not surprising that you might feel a bit of anxiety as you approach retirement. People have always experienced these emotions, and it’s a completely normal way to feel before a major life change. However, we can understand that during these uncertain times, some of you might be feeling more…

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Do You Share These Common Fears About Retirement?
February 20, 2022

When we help clients put together a long-term retirement plan, we usually prefer to focus on goals. How do you envision your retirement? Where do you want to live? What is your expected lifestyle? These questions, and more, help us to pinpoint your financial needs and set goals for the…

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9 Surprising Facts About Social Security
February 14, 2022

Most of us assume that Social Security benefits will comprise a significant portion of our retirement income. But despite the inevitable reliance on the program, we don’t often know much about how it works! Case in point: MassMutual recently offered a quick, twelve-question quiz to assess Social Security knowledge in…

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Will You Run Out of Money in Retirement?
January 15, 2022

As we look forward to retirement, one of our primary concerns is whether or not we’ll run out of money. After all, for some lucky people retirement can last two decades or more! So, if you’re trying to assess whether your savings will last, consider the following factors. Have you…

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