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Will Rising Prices Spur a Cost of Living Increase for Social Security Beneficiaries?
July 19, 2021

As we’ve kept our finger on the pulse of the economy over the past year, we’ve continued to hear a common complaint: The prices of gas, food, and other essentials seem to be rising more quickly than usual. Indeed, data from the Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation, is currently…

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Did Your Retirement Plan Survive the Pandemic?
July 5, 2021

Look for a person who was unaffected by the pandemic, and you may be unlikely to find anyone. Many of us have experienced some manner of change to our financial situation, lifestyle, career, and a number of other areas of life. But for older workers, those in the final stages…

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New Pandemic Habits Can Save Your Future Budget
June 21, 2021

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re probably tired of reading about how the pandemic changed the way we live. So let’s switch gears and talk about the future. While the past year has been rough on most of us, we’ve developed some new habits that we shouldn’t abandon…

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Renting Vs Owning a Home in Retirement
June 14, 2021

For much of your life, you might have dreamed of paying off your mortgage before retirement. Many people do. But when the time comes, plenty of retirees say that home ownership actually becomes a burden, and that they actually prefer to rent! Why would anyone say this? It appears there…

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