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4 Ways to Fight Against Lifestyle Creep
September 8, 2020

Have you ever noticed that a raise or bonus brings joy, quickly followed by a desire for a new car or a home improvement? The phenomenon is called “lifestyle creep”, and it refers to the habit of continually increasing the cost of your lifestyle simply because you can (as opposed…

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Changes in Store for 2020 Income Taxes
August 17, 2020

This year appears to be a time of rapid change in every area of our lives. Even our income taxes will be shifting in 2020! Here is what you can expect. Stimulus payments. Economic impact payments, distributed by the IRS in response to the coronavirus pandemic, went out to millions…

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3 Ways to Establish a Passive Income
August 5, 2020

The average millionaire has three or more sources of income. You probably aren’t surprised to learn that working a single job for several decades often does not result in this kind of wealth. Most of those who are successful in accumulating a sizable nest egg have spent years leveraging their…

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7 Reasons Your Social Security Checks Could Be Reduced
July 20, 2020

Once you retire and claim your Social Security benefits, you expect to receive every penny due to you. Usually things go off without a hitch, but sometimes retirees find themselves surprised by a reduction in their benefits. As you continue to plan for retirement, keep these things in mind so…

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