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Retirement Income

5 Ways to Waste Your Retirement Savings
October 14, 2020

After decades of watching your nest egg grow, your thinking will shift after retirement. Now it’s time to spend that money – wisely, of course. Instead of focusing on accumulation, you will begin to consider ways to make that money last for the rest of your lifetime. So, you will…

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3 Ways to Establish a Passive Income
August 5, 2020

The average millionaire has three or more sources of income. You probably aren’t surprised to learn that working a single job for several decades often does not result in this kind of wealth. Most of those who are successful in accumulating a sizable nest egg have spent years leveraging their…

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8 Retirement Planning Milestones to Remember
July 13, 2020

You will often hear that retirement planning should begin when your career does, and then continue consistently throughout your working years. But even with steady, determined saving, you should remember these eight important milestones and learn what to do at each of them. Age 50. When you turn age 50,…

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What Happens When You Take an Early Retirement Plan Distribution?
June 15, 2020

In the event of a financial emergency, or even just a looming necessity such as a child’s college tuition bill, you might feel tempted to take an early distribution from your retirement plan. And now, withdrawing money from your retirement account is even easier than ever. The CARES Act passed…

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Planning for the Cost of Healthcare in Retirement
April 13, 2020

With regard to your budget in retirement, healthcare continues to be one of the most important expenses you should consider. As we’ve watched the course of the coronavirus outbreak, we are all reminded that most health conditions impact seniors more significantly than any other group. And, of course, that impacts…

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Coordinating Retirement With Your Spouse
March 16, 2020

The timing of your target retirement date will result from several different factors that you will consider over time. One of the most important is your spouse (and their career, if they work). Some couples prefer to retire at the same time, so that they can enjoy travel and leisure…

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3 Things Everyone Should Know About Social Security Benefits
February 17, 2020

Social Security will become an important part of your retirement income someday. But do you actually know how benefits are calculated, or which type of benefits are available to you? It’s a complex system, so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed… But at the very least, everyone should know these three…

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A New Way to Look at Your Budget
January 14, 2020

Changes to budgeting and saving are common New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve decided to take a closer look at your spending this year, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the task. Helpfully, GoBankingRates has compiled a list of 25 common household expenditures. Then they combed data to determine the…

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5 Big Retirement Planning Changes for 2020
January 8, 2020

In response to growing concerns over the state of retirement in the country, President Trump signed the SECURE Act into law just last month. Most provisions of the bill take effect in 2020, so here’s a quick review of what we can expect. Access to a retirement plan, for those…

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Major Changes Could be On the Way for Medicare
December 9, 2019

As you plan for retirement, have you thought about your healthcare expenses? We often find that pre-retirees simply assume that Medicare will kick in at age 65, and cover all necessary medical care. Unfortunately, that isn’t quite true. While we are all eligible for Medicare at 65, assuming we paid…

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